About JournalNook

JournalNook is your new journal and notebook source. Shop a curated selection of bookstore-quality journals, notebooks and planners for the creative community. JournalNook features journals from Paperblanks and Peter Pauper Press, who offer outstanding design and value for money.

5 Ways Journals and Sketchbooks Help You Grow and Create

1. Better class notes: Actually retain what you hear by hand writing class or meeting notes. To keep up with whoever is speaking, you do a kind of shorthand on the fly  summarizing, paraphrasing, concept mapping – meaning, you've already processed what you heard. Review your notes, and you've really got it! Verbatim typists may miss "big picture" concepts.

2. Distracted much? If you're working out a new idea on your laptop, email, meeting reminders and social media will constantly pop into view and break your focus. For real focus zen, unplug, grab your best pen and open a notebook. Even works at coffee shops.

3. Journal your truth: Write your authentic story, with no reservations. Write, draw, sketch, marker, capture your feelings as well as the facts. Take pleasure in the journey of self discovery.  

4. Find your unique writing voice: A notebook is a judgement-free zone to stretch and explore, and daily journaling builds the habit of writing. Writer A. J. Jacobs has this advice: "Try to set aside 20 minutes a day just for brainstorming."

5. Draw! Often, the best way to work out an original idea is to sketch, thumbnail, doodle, diagram, or keyword your way into it. Graphic designers, architects, and everyone with a visual product has learned the power of the thumbnail sketch. Milton Glaser's famous back-of-the-envelope sketch of the "I Heart NY" icon (now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York) is just one example of how the pen and the brain are connected, in a way that brains and computers are not.

Thank You for Your Trust

Thank you for trusting your next journal to me. I personally choose the journals in the shop for usefulness, inspiring beauty, and fair price. A life-long artist, professional designer, and writer, notebooks and journals are part of my everyday work. The paper surface, the quality of the binding, and material integrity each matter.

I hope your new journal finds a fit with your wonderful creative process. 

Kind regards,

Jenny McChesney

Proprietor, JournalNook